Thursday, March 3, 2011

currently seeking: new area rug

we have an awesome creme shag rug in our living room that we purchased from ikea about a year ago. it has survived numerous parties, my 6-year-old niece sleeping over, and lots of late night meals on the coffee table; however, i think it may have found it's match. the culprit is this guy (shocker another picture of my pup - sorry!):

we haven't dared put the rug out (it's been rolled up in our add on hallway for a month now) but judging by the amount of shedding going on in our house currently and that it is a shag (and did i mention cream?) rug, i think it's time with us must come to an end. we love this carpet dearly but sadly it may be going to craigslist sometime in the near future.

now we just have figure out a good replacement. so far i'm loving these:

this crate and barrel rug is the right color and simple/ classic.

this discontinued west elm rug has always been one of my favorites. ♥

this brown folk rug from macy's is so cute.

this cb2 rug is awesome. love the letterpress! this would look great in an office.

target also has some great rugs that are nice and more affordable.

do any of you have shag rugs and pets? if so, what is the best way to clean them? for the record, having townes makes any hair and dirt worth it. we're so lucky!

i will keep you posted on what we do and if we decide to keep our current rug. i have some exciting news to share that may make it possible - stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

weekend recap

athen's pizza with extended family. reminiscing about peru and the incan trail. watched "boy in the striped pajamas." cried. cried. sobbed. breakfast burritos on the deck. sunshine. ambulances and howls. errands. caulking windows. "kite runner" movie doesn't come close to the book. bagels from bagel palace and jalapeno and scallion cream cheese. yummmm. u bet chocolate syrup. visit from mom, brother, and niece natalie. townes's first adventure getting out the front yard. sunshine. raging burritos and queso dip. scooter and swing competitions at the park. big love drama.

p.s. so stoked about this!

dr. seuss

i've always been a huge fan of dr. seuss. actually, i don't really know anyone who isn't! today would have been theodore seuss geisel's 107th birthday! what i've always loved about dr. seuss's writing is that the words are not just for kids, but so inspiring for adults as well. books like "the butter battle book","horton hears a who" and "lorax" have some very powerful messages behind their imaginative illustrations and rhyming words. his books are so timeless and incredible and the world is definitely a better place thanks to dr. seuss. celebrate by sitting down and reading one of his books with those you love today!

"the more that you read, the more things you will know. the more that you learn, the more places you'll go” - dr. seuss

a few months ago, j, my best friend, and i went to the jewish bremen museum in atlanta to see their dr. seuss exhibit called "dr. seuss goes to war...and more!" the exhibit showed various editorial cartoons in which he advocated political and social change and urged america’s entry into wwII long before the bombings at pearl harbor. the exhibit was so captivating and i felt so lucky to have been able to see it. if the exhibit is still on tour, you should see if it's coming to a city near you!

this post is dedicated to my best friend in the world beth who has bought me most of the dr.seuss books in my growing collection and read "oh the places you'll go" during my wedding ceremony ♥ i can't wait to see you sunday!!! xo

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