Monday, June 17, 2013

Vintage Dining Room Chairs

Our dining room table is now a fully finished project! Last Xmas, J bought me a pine dining room table as a surprise gift (with thanks to some of our friends' and family's help). 

The man who built the table included 2 benches with it, but I wanted 4 chairs to go with the table. 
I saw various chairs that I loved, but they were either too expensive or we could only find 2. At thrift stores, it was rare to find 4 chairs together and typically they would only come with a table.

While at a flea market this weekend, I found these amazing old oak chairs (all 4 were in perfect condition) and thankfully they didn't belong to a table set. I got an amazing deal for all 4 chairs ($80 TOTAL) and I couldn't be happier!
 My favorite part about the chairs is that they are imperfectly perfect. Their spindles aren't all perfectly centered and the wood grain shows wear and tear. We also didn't have to stain them and the color matches our table's stain. All we had to do was wipe them down with some Murphy's Oil!
 We still have the extra bench for when we need more space or seating, but I love the country vintage feel the chairs add to our table.

Now it's just time for more meals with friends!
 It sure is nice to not have to scour craigslist anymore!

What's your favorite thrift store/ flea market find recently?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my dad. Since growing up in the Bronx and then following his friends down South, he's got some crazy stories - from his travels with his buddies at 19 years old throughout Europe and his "job" when he first moved to Atlanta.

We celebrated Father's Day a bit early with my dad since my family is currently at the beach - wish we could be there with them!

Here's hoping that his day is filled with lots of sunshine and golf!
Love you dad!

Also, Happy Father's Day to my great Father-in-Law. Thanks for all your support (and the ice cream)!

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