Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Halloween folks!
It's supposed to be pretty chilly this weekend (high in the 50's) so looking forward to bundling up.

 These photos from rock legends in the 1960's are magical! 

 I'm curious about the people who take the time to search Google Maps for the creepiest things. Crazy!

 The tastiest salads for Fall with seasonal ingredients. # 13 is my go-to Fall salad (minus the pancetta and add dried cranberries).

  Things that only true Law & Order SVU fans will get. Made my day...and made me miss Stabler!

Hope your Halloween is spooky and fabulous! 
My niece is coming over tomorrow for a sleepover and I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

St. George Island: Part 2

For anyone who knows both J + I, they know he is much more talented with a camera lens. 
That's an understatement really! 
I wanted to include some of his amazing photos on the blog, so I figured I'd do a whole separate post with his pictures! It was hard to choose from so many great pictures, but here are some of my favorites!

 Townes is the cutest dog that ever's proof!
Dolphins! Jellyfish!
 Jason even managed to get some awesome video clips! Make sure to watch for the dolphin tail slap in the second video! All of those jellyfish were frightening...
 From our last morning's sunrise...
Such great memories!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekly Tiny Home: Lost Cabin

How incredible is this cabin?
I love to see property this amazing with just a tiny home on it - the real beauty should be in the land and its conservation...well in my opinion anyways!
"The 3,785± acre Summit Springs Ranch is located in east central Idaho’s upper Little Lost River Valley surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Lemhi and Lost River ranges.The cabin comes furnished and features one bedroom and bath with a 90± sq. ft. sleeping loft plus an 8’ x 20’ covered porch area and a 4’ x 8’ entry porch. The innovative design incorporates extensive view glass, allowing for excellent natural ventilation and optimal solar performance, as well as an open floor plan so that light and views can fill the entire space. Usable year-round, the cabin is powered by a propane generator (and ready for the owner to install a solar and/or wind turbine system) and heated by a propane heater. In addition, the entire cabin is constructed on a steel frame, allowing the structure to be easily moved to another location if an owner chooses to do so."
The all-wood interior makes it feel so cozy inside and the large windows ensure a perfect view from any angle. Swoon!
 Townes would be in heaven here!
The land alone is to-die-for! It's surrounded by mountains and so desolate - perfect place to unplug!
The land + cabin are for sale so if you've got a spare $2.5M lying around and are interested in buying this Idado property, check out more here!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

Despite all of the Fall decorations, this last weekend's weather was really warm (mid-80's)! Don't get me wrong, I'll take all of the sunshine and warmth I can get, but it does make certain seasonal activities seem silly (i.e., hot cider and fire pits). 

On Friday, I got a haircut! I decided to go shorter than usual to buy myself a bit of time between haircuts. It's super short, but thankfully my hair grows really quickly. 

On Saturday, I had my sweet friend, Khelia's, baby shower. I didn't take any pictures sadly, but it was a great time! I can't wait for baby Caleb to be here! After the shower, I met up with J at Home Depot to buy some Fall flowers and get some necessary items for our "honey do" list.
After walking Townes and seeing all of the fun Halloween decorations, we went to dinner and then to see "Gone Girl." Holy hell - crazy movie with lots of twists. It definitely left me speechless and my brain spinning! Worth seeing in the theater, by the way!

On Sunday, we took it easy (the best way to start the day is some quiet time in the hammock) and then went to some thrift stores. We didn't get anything, but it's always fun to look!

 My little shadow...he was extra needy yesterday and then refused to go on his evening walk - hopefully the little guy is feeling okay!

Today is my dad's birthday (happy happy birthday to the best dad ever!) and we're going to celebrate with the whole family at our favorite Chinese restaurant! Can't wait! ♥
Hope you have a killer week! 
I can't believe Halloween is this Friday and that October is already coming to an end...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's been hard adjusting back from island time and having no hot water all week, so looking forward to this weekend!

How funny are these awkward family Halloween costumes

I think everyone struggles to find better ways to be happy at work. These strategies are really helpful!

This touching tribute to a childhood dog brought back so many memories. It's such a shame that animals have such short lifespans, but they leave such an amazing impact in those short years. 

Stunning surf photos from French surf photographer, C├ęsar Ancelle-Hansen. Swoon!

Love the arrows over the headboard and the awesome John + Yoko-inspired pillowcase

I can't wait to enjoy the cooler, clear weather this weekend and enjoy all things Autumn: carving pumpkins, firepit, and cider! It's also my dad's birthday next week so we'll be celebrating his birthday!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekend Recap: St. George Island, FL Edition

Well I guess I should apologize in advance for all of the photos in this post. Although I'm not truly sorry, because it was a great trip and it makes me happy to relive it through this post!

My in-laws are down in St. George Island, FL for the month of October (must be nice, eh?). We coordinated the trip to be there with them; however, we got our own place since their dog can't be in the same living corridors with any dogs (including Townes). Since he loves the beach so much, we didn't have to heart to leave him back in Atlanta.
We headed down Thursday morning and took 85 South (normally we've always done 75 South through Tallahassee, FL) and it was so much quicker! We got to St. George Island in record time (5.5 hours)!

We checked into our rental, Sundance, and immediately hit the beach. We had this great boardwalk a stone's throw from the house so it was ideal. The weather was incredible and the ocean water was so warm! Everyone says that October is the best month at St.George Island and I'm inclined to agree!

As always, Townes is a crazy crab hunter at the beach. He can't go more than a few yards without burying his nose and head in the sand. The crazy thing is how efficient he is at hunting the crabs! He used to dig them up and then just bark at them, but this time around we'd have to stop him quickly once he uncovered a crab because he'd stab it with his paw and kill it instantly!
For dinner the first night, we met up with J's mom, dad, and sister at the Blue Parrot Cafe. The sunset was unbelievable - perfect photo ops! 

 Not a bad view for dinner! The pina colada was pretty good too! :)
On Friday morning, I was up early (as usual) and took Townes on a nice walk along the beach. The sunrise from the deck was so lovely each morning!

Once J was up, we had bagel sandwiches for breakfast...YUM! After breakfast, we went to ride bikes with J's dad and sister. They were sweet enough to rent bikes for all of us for the weekend! We rode to the middle of the island and got ice cream and went to the top of the lighthouse. I'd never been in the lighthouse since they restored it so that was super cool!

After the bike rides, we headed for the beach. We got a great rental credit with the house so we got 2 beach chairs and a double kayak for free during our stay! They even had it waiting at the house when we got there and picked it up after we left.
Kayaking was such a blast. There are so many dolphins at St. George Island and we got to kayak right by them! There were also hoards of jellyfish! Eek! Thousands of them - seriously!

After the beach, we headed to the east end of the island (in the state park) to watch the sunset. We enjoyed some Sauvignon Blanc while watching the sun go down so it was pretty amazing.
We ended the night with grilling out for dinner. Lots of wine + a super late dinner = a very giggly Nicole. Oops! :)

The next morning, after walking Townes, I went on a bike ride with my sister-in-law. We had some nice quality time and laughs.

We spent the day on the desolate beach in the state park (east end) that afternoon. The water was so calm and clear - so wonderful! I even took a nap on the beach :)
For dinner, we went into Apalachicola. We went to a place called "Up the Stairs," which was decent. The atmosphere was kind of cool, but the lack of a view and mediocre food left a lot to be desired honestly. I had a vegetarian pasta dish - surprised?

That night we took Townes on a night beach walk and he lost his mind! There were so many crabs in the water and on the beach that he was in full beagle-brain mode! He was so excited that he even sprained his tail! The next 2 days, his tail hung limp and he couldn't wag it! Insane, huh?
On our last full day, I started off with the coffee watching the sunrise. Life is hard! Then we rode bikes to get snow cones - watermelon and mango! I thought my tongue would be more orange! Haha!

The last full day was SUPER windy (so we couldn't really kayak) so we hung on the beach for a bit before heading to the cut (west end) to watch the sunset.

The view never gets old! Since the cut is where the bay flows into the ocean, there are always so many dolphins and bull sharks!
So magical...
We ended the night at our place - I made lasagna, veggies, and garlic bread for everyone. We also enjoyed some Malbec..mmmm.

The morning we left, we woke up early to watch the sunrise. It was stunning!

Jump shot!
Townes was exhausted and slept the whole ride home! I was pretty jealous of him and the entire back seat :)

It's still hard to be back inland and away from the heart longs to be oceanside.
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