Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekly Tiny Home: Lost Cabin

How incredible is this cabin?
I love to see property this amazing with just a tiny home on it - the real beauty should be in the land and its conservation...well in my opinion anyways!
"The 3,785± acre Summit Springs Ranch is located in east central Idaho’s upper Little Lost River Valley surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Lemhi and Lost River ranges.The cabin comes furnished and features one bedroom and bath with a 90± sq. ft. sleeping loft plus an 8’ x 20’ covered porch area and a 4’ x 8’ entry porch. The innovative design incorporates extensive view glass, allowing for excellent natural ventilation and optimal solar performance, as well as an open floor plan so that light and views can fill the entire space. Usable year-round, the cabin is powered by a propane generator (and ready for the owner to install a solar and/or wind turbine system) and heated by a propane heater. In addition, the entire cabin is constructed on a steel frame, allowing the structure to be easily moved to another location if an owner chooses to do so."
The all-wood interior makes it feel so cozy inside and the large windows ensure a perfect view from any angle. Swoon!
 Townes would be in heaven here!
The land alone is to-die-for! It's surrounded by mountains and so desolate - perfect place to unplug!
The land + cabin are for sale so if you've got a spare $2.5M lying around and are interested in buying this Idado property, check out more here!


  1. So awesome! I'll always remember Idaho as one of the most beautiful places I've ever driven through.

    1. If only $2.5M was a drop in the bucket, right? :) I've never driven through Idaho, but I'm surprised to hear it was one of the most beautiful places! Well I should say I would be surprised BEFORE seeing this landscape! xo


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