Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy happy Friday! 
I'm excited that the weekend is here and to enjoy some quiet time in the woods with my boys.
Thrilled to go explore on some hikes and spend time cozied (is this a word? Haha) up by the fireplace.
Hope you like the weekend favorites!

These abandoned places throughout the world are incredibly beautiful. I would love to stand in the middle of some of these spots and imagine them in use and filled with life. 

Why is making friends difficult as adults? Here are some reasons why and some ways to overcome the barriers.

It's no secret that I love Storycorps! This story made my week. 

It's always the most nutritious and delicious to chose seasonal fruits + veggies. Check out these fall superfoods! I love brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, pomegranates, and dates (especially with almonds and raspberries)!

 As someone who has worked in the service industry, nothing is worse than arrogant, entitled patrons. I love this restaurant owner's response on Yelp. Nailed it!

Have you read this article on how American parenting is ruining marriages? Although I don't have children, I really respect the idea of not letting your world revolve entirely around your children - it's not good for you or them. Here's an interesting rebuttal argument.

Love Ron Swanson? Check out these motivational posters inspired by his quotes! LOL!

What are your weekend plans?

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