Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekend Recap

Is it really Monday? Just another manic Monday, I suppose!
After a peaceful weekend, I'm back on the road today but thankfully just for the day (although it definitely makes for a very long day).
This weekend was really lovely. On Friday, I went to Zumba and then came home in time to meet my friend, Julie, and her roommate, Alex, from Germany. They've been road-tripping through the Southeast (even drove all of the way to Miami) and stayed the night at our house before parting ways on Saturday.
On Friday, Julie, Alex, and I had a girls' dinner at Raging Burrito and since it was so late (and they had driven over 6 hours earlier in the day), we came home and all watched a movie.
On Saturday morning, we made breakfast and then went on a hike with Townes before the girls headed to the airport. Despite being chilly out, it was so nice to have some sunshine. After Julie and Alex left, I headed over to my dear friend Susannah's baby shower! Jenna, Laura, and Sara did such a great job hosting.
Spring has finally arrived!
The momma-to-be and me! ♥
After the shower, I came home and enjoyed the little bit of sunshine left and then J + I had a quiet night in since he had been traveling all last week. It's kind of funny to admit, but we watched 2 episodes around world's craziest animal couples (part 1 was 2 animals' odd connection and part 2 featured animals' odd relationships with humans). It's kind of mind-blowing to think of a family taking in a hippo and allowing it in their home! Check out the full video here:
Yesterday morning, J headed out on a 5 AM hike with the guys so I enjoyed a nice walk with Townes, a noon Zumba class, and then laid in the sunshine (rotating between a yoga mat and the hammock). We ended the night by making a great dinner of BBQ tofu (with onions), sweet potato, and creamed spinach before watching Pulp Fiction.

Isn't he the cutest??
Next weekend will be somewhat crazy with familial obligations around the Easter holiday so it was nice to take it easy and relax a bit. Now back to the grind!

Oh yeah! We also got this amazing painted portrait of Townes in the mail this weekend from the incredibly talented, Lydia Walls! I'll have to share a picture of the painting after we hang it, but the detail is perfect and captures Townes to the T! :)
How was your weekend?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!
We've got a friend from Berlin coming in tonight so thought I'd share this list of Berlin's top 10 vegetarian/ vegan restaurants. Although, this list isn't complete since Kopps (pictured above) was left off!

How cute are these rustic pillows? Perfect for a farmhouse!

Great question...I'm still working on that, but I'd love to be known for making people smile and feel good about themselves. What would you want to be known for?

I totally want to make this siracha-roasted cauliflower!

If only I lived closer to the beach so I could justify buying this surfboard!

These DIY-friendship bracelets are awesome.

It's been a long work week so I'm hoping for sunshine and some R&R.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Tunes: Surf Rock

Happy Thursday!
Our company's upcoming annual conference has one night event with a retro surf theme so I guess you could say it's inspired me to listen to some of my favorite surf songs.
1. Sleepwalk by Santo + Johnny
2. Misirlou by Dick Dale + The Deltones
3. Surfer Girl by The Beach Boys
4. Walk, Don't Run by The Ventures
5. Surfer Girl by Homegrown
6. Pipelines by The Ventures
7. I'll See You In My Dreams by Cliff Edwards
8. Surf Wax America by Weezer
9. Sleepwalkin' by Modest Mouse
10. The Surfer Moon by The Beach Boys

The 5th song by Homegrown makes me miss my best friend Kelly and think of our high school days!
Go here to listen to the full playlist.
Are there any tracks I'm missing?


Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hey y'all!
 This weekend was sadly cut short due to some work travel so we made the most of the little time we had! 
On Friday, J + I finally redeemed some massage gift cards at Spa Sydell. I had a great massage therapist and really enjoyed the sauna afterwards. I need to take advantage of my gym's sauna more often!
J took these pics of Townes and me on Friday night and Townes's face cracks me up - he's such a ham!
After our massages, we went to Sun In My Belly to redeem our ScoutMob hand-picked package (a beer/wine each, salad each, entree each, and a shared dessert for $39) - such a great deal!

 I had an awesome kale and avocado salad, we both had the wild mushroom ravioli with brocollini. For dessert, we shared a chai creme brulee (creme brulee is my favorite)!

 On Saturday morning, I woke up and went to Zumba and then we had an awesome omelet breakfast on the back porch (a must when it's nice outside). After breakfast, we headed to Stone Mountain Park to hike the 5 mile trail.

 Townes had the best time playing in the water and I just enjoyed the sunshine while sitting on this rock face!
 While on our hike, we found this arrangement. I love when people leave little messages along the way!
 We're so lucky to have this amazing mountain and park so close to home...

After a 2+ hour hike, we came back to enjoy the weather. I ate an amazing falafel salad with chickpeas, cabbage, broccoli, kale, lettuce, grape tomatoes, and cucumber + dill. Amazing!
 We relaxed for a while (Townes included) and I laid in the hammock and read for a bit. Life sure can be sweet!
 I finally finished "Yes Please" and loved it. It's such a great feeling to read a book that inspires you, makes you laugh, and makes you cry. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Amy Poehler and I should be good friends strictly based on the last line of the book (below)!
 We ended the night by making an awesome asian stir fry with tons of fresh veggies (asparagus, squash, broccoli, shitake mushrooms, onion, gardein "beef" tips, and brown rice (topped off with siracha, naturally). YUM! 
On Sunday, I sadly had to travel for work, but the rainy weather made it a bit easier! 
How was your weekend?
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