Thursday, March 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

Well the week is almost over and I haven't had a chance to blog all week...oops!
I wanted to share my weekend since it was so restorative. 
J was out of town at SXSW so I tried to make some plans to stay busy, but also take some R&R time.
On Friday afternoon, I went to my first chiropractor appointment ever with the lovely Amy. She totally sold me based on my first appointment and I can't wait to go back. Since her office is in Little 5 Points, I stopped by my favorite natural food market, Sevananda
I came home and had a great salad with cucumber + onion salad and falafel. YUM!
 Friday night, I got lucky enough to have two ladies (Beth and Jehan) join me for Zumba! As usual, I was a sweaty mess afterwards, but had so much fun.
After Zumba, we came back to my house to shower and then head to dinner at Sobban. It's a Korean-style restaurant right up the street from my house, yet I'd never been (it was even featured on Andrew Zimmern's show). We met up with Destin, Sarah, and Doug for dinner and the food was incredible!
As usual, I was taking pictures and annoying everyone! :) Worth it!
The table shared the andouille and porkbelly appetizers.
 I got thJapche which had sweet potato noodle, togarashi tofu, shitake, chives, and seasonal vegetables. It was incredible. I also had a side of kimchi miso kale (pictured above with the pork belly) - so good! 
 If you live in ATL, go immediately!
After dinner, Jehan and Beth came back to my place and we had awesome girl talk until around midnight. Some times you just need to have girl talk, you know?

On Saturday morning, I headed up to my dear friend Jen's house to take our dogs on a walk. Townes and Benga do so well together (i.e., love each other, but basically leave each other alone. Ha!). 

We went to this awesome, huge park called Little Mulberry Park.
 I am so lucky to have such incredible women in my life and Jen is one of the best! 

So much fun! I can't wait for more lady dates with this gem. ♥
Saturday night, I made an awesome salad and watched a few chick flicks: Love, Rosie and Before Midnight. I was so happy to finally see the third installment of the triology after watching the first two films. As to be expected, this film did not disappoint at all, but was definitely a bit depressing!

 On Sunday morning, Townes and I went for a long walk and enjoyed the incredible, sunny weather. I made a smoothie and sat in the backyard for a bit. Afterwards, I went to Zumba to try out a new instructor. She was tough, but I enjoyed the workout.

 Later that afternoon. I headed to my folks' house to get in their hot tub. It was great getting lots of vitamin D (and some tiny tan lines) and catching up with my mom and sister!

 Another salad and my partner in crime:
On Sunday night, I took a nice walk with Townes to soak up as much of the sunshine and warm weather as possible. Restorative weekends like this are few and far between these days so I was grateful for each moment.

The graffiti at the top of this post is also from my walk on Sunday - in a spot I typically don't walk by so it felt very serendipitous!

How was your weekend?

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