Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Recap

 What a wonderful weekend!
 I'm still trying to recover after having to spring forward (i.e., losing some sleep) and running around all weekend. Thankfully I got plenty of Vitamin D and sunshine !
On Saturday morning, I headed to my dear friend Caroline's baby shower. The hosts did an incredible job - the decorations and food felt like a perfect Pinterest board. Caroline is so loved and it showed! That baby of hers sure is lucky! I got to spend time with my favorite lady ever, Meredith. We had the best time catching up and eating cheese blintzes. :)

 The momma-to-be and me. ♥
The baby shower favors included a massive cookie, Belgium chocolates, and a cute candle!
 After the shower, we spent some time in the front yard enjoying the sunshine. Townes kept going to lay on the concrete stairs in the shade since it was so warm - little buddy is not going to be happy come July!

Then we headed to our neighborhood nature preserve to explore (i.e., walk Townes). 

On Saturday evening, my sweet friend, Kim, invited me to a Zumba event celebrating Erick Santana's 10 year anniversary of being a Zumba instructor/ trainer. Erick was actually the instructor who certified me to teach over 2 years ago (see funny picture here). Thankfully it wasn't too cold since the event was outside...the temperature definitely wasn't an issue once we started moving!
Apparently there were over 300 people there - pretty amazing!

If you look right in the middle, you can see Kim and me in red (we didn't plan to match by the way)!
We ended up dancing for 2.5 hours so I was pretty beat (and hungry) by the time the event ended. Such a fun way to spend the night! Thanks Kim!

On Sunday morning, we headed to East Palisades to go hike along the river. I could really get used to this weather - c'mon Spring!

When we got home from hiking, we did some yard work (which hopefully means hammock time this weekend) so prep for the Spring. 
The sweetest pup in the world...
 Perfect, simple flowers from the backyard camellia bushes. 
 We ended the weekend at my in-laws' with a cookout and a movie night...and wine. :)
Hope your weekend was one for the books and that it was spent soaking up sunshine!


  1. so glad you guys finally got some nice weather! it makes such a big difference :)

    1. You're so right! It's so funny that you commented, because yesterday Jason was saying how he wished it could be this weather every single day and we said we'd have to move to Santa Barbara for that good fortune (and make millions to do it haha). xo


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