Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wise Words Wednesday

I wish I could say I was immune from judgement (judging others and myself, alike), but I can proudly say that I feel like I've made huge personal leaps in this arena. I should say that I've made more progress in my hesitancy to judge others (more so than self-judgement). Judging others creates such toxic environments. 

The less that I worry about others' lives and their actions, the more peaceful I feel inside. A more altruistic way of life benefits everyone. As I've said before (while quoting the Dalai Lama), we are all seeking happiness and trying to avoid suffering, therefore, we should all be able to empathize with one another at that basic level. This goes for all living things: humans, animals, and even insects.

Despite my personal growth in this area, it's still a nice reminder that there is so much hurt and misunderstanding in the world, so try to use your good energy to restore this balance. We are all fighting hard battles and could all use a little compassion while we try to navigate this crazy thing called life. It's easy to think you know someone else's story, but it's too complicated to ever truly see life through someone else's eyes. I believe we all just have to try our best. Be the change...

I know I always use some lifting up. I hope I can do this for others, too.

What about you? Could you use some kind words or open ears?
If so, I'd be obliged. :)

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