Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was wonderful: great company, weather, and food. Only thing missing was more time - which is always the case, isn't it?

Friday night, the day got away from me due to a busy day at work so we just grabbed a quick dinner. While on our way, we did manage to see this breathtaking sunset. Pure magic!

On Saturday, we woke early to a crisp, cool morning. Since we were out of coffee, we naturally decided a trip to Waffle House was best! I hadn't been in ages and it was so greasy, but tasty! 
Something about walking into a WaHo on a cool Fall morning with Johnny Cash playing on the jukebox - feels very American and like all is right in the world! :)
By the afternoon, after a long walk with Townes, the sunshine had warmed everything up. Once again, forgoing the yard work, we just lingered. I lasted as long as the sun, but had to call it a day once the yard was covered by the shade...brr!
 Townes cracks me up when we go on walks, because sometimes he will just stop in a yard and start barrel-rolling around to scratch his back. He'll keep rolling until he rolls off of the curb normally!
For lunch, we headed to downtown Decatur (it was super crowded due to the Maker Fair going on). We were going to try and go to the fair after lunch, but had to hurry back home for J to catch his flight out for the week. I stopped for a chocolate sea salt pop from King of Pops first!
 Saturday night was spent with my best lady, Beth. We did a little shopping (starting at Crate + Barrel where I stumbled across this motivational trash bin!) and had a late dinner, followed by long talks in the car...we never can seem to stop talking! Beth always gives the best advice and inspires me so much. ♥

On Sunday, I took Townes on a long walk with my new Asics! The weather was beautiful and the sun was shining so brightly...which was fitting due to my t-shirt's message:)

After my walk, I worked on a DIY art project (more on that soon) before my sweet, kindred spirit, Jen, came over with her sweet pup, Benga. 

We went to Go Vegetarian since Jen had seen the menu after I wrote about it. Once again, the food did not disappoint! I got the pulled "steak" sandwich with coleslaw and Jen got a buffalo "chicken" sandwich with avocado! YUM! She also splurged for the truffle fries...girl has good taste!
After lunch, we headed to the Old Fourth Ward entrance to the Beltline. We just strolled along with the pups, avoiding cyclists to the best of our ability, enjoying the street art, the street performers, and a smoothie along the way!

How cute is that pug on the table? He was obviously worn out, like Townes. :)
 As always, I feel so lucky to have such wonderful women in my life.
My path crossed with Jen's so many times in our youth, but we never connected. So glad that we changed that! She's definitely the bee's knees!♥

This week will be low key. Sadly, I finally have time to go to my favorite dance classes at the East Lake YMCA and of course they are cancelled this week due to renovations! Murphy's Law, I suppose! Guess that just means more long walks in this beautiful weather...with possibly some runs mixed in.

Hope your week is wonderful!

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