Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!
This week's favorites list starts with 14 of the best American diners for your next road trip. I'm proud to say that 2 are in Atlanta!

In a bad mood? Here's 5 ways to beat varying bad moves with various exercises!

If I'm honest, I've watched this trailer 3x this week. This new movies, The Homesman, looks incredible and has a stellar cast: Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank for the win!

If you're wondering what's in season for Fall, check out these 31 recipes for October. YUM!

Despite not being a huge TV fan, I am pretty excited that Parenthood is back! I'm just sad that it's the final season...and there are hints that someone dies. As if we needed any more excuses to cry during each episode!

Spot on reminder for each morning!

This weekend should be a good one. I've got some showers to plan and yard sale to prepare for. Hoping to mix in some girl time and to be outside as much as possible, weather permitting!

What are your weekend plans, friends?


  1. I figured they would have someone die soon... I bet it's Zeke.

    1. Ugh...but doesn't that seem too obvious? Julia and Joel are still stressing me out so much :)


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