Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy weekend y'all!
 This made me laugh out loud! Awkward moments that every vegetarian understands. Spot on!

 VICE magazine did this short documentary that follows the true story around the criminal plot of True Detective Season 1. I'm going to avoid Ponchatoula, Louisana!

 The best 5 countries for vegetarian travelers. Yes, please! The girl pictured at the top of the article is probably my kindred spirit. Haha.

Lovely quote. Words to truly live by.

Twenty-five famous women on aging. Really beautiful and funny. Many of them acknowledge that the alternative to growing old is death so embrace those wrinkles! :)

This video of my friend, Adam Newman, doing stand up in NYC and being told to "shut the f*&k up" by the NYPD is insane...and super funny. This is the second time he has had hecklers that went viral. He has the worst luck with hecklers...or the best luck. You decide!

Hope your weekend is one for the books!

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