Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekend Getaway: Crystal Lake

Last weekend, J + I decided to take a last minute trip to the mountains. We needed some time to unwind and the long MLK holiday weekend seemed like the best opportunity.

 We booked a lovely cabin, Crystal Lake, via Blue Sky cabin rentals. On Friday evening, we packed up the car (Townes included) and were on our way! The first night we made veggie lasagna and enjoyed sitting by the fire place. 
On the first morning, we drank coffee while looking out on the beautiful lake. Then we researched some local hiking spots. We first attempted to hike to "Julie Anna Falls," but due to the high rain levels, the creeks had become rivers that we couldn't wade through. We still enjoyed a nice long hike along the river. Then we decided to head to the "Barnes Creek Falls." The drive through windy, country roads took longer than we anticipated, but it was a really since the rain made the falls roar.

That night we grilled out veggie burgers and watched the documentary film, Senna. It was so nice to come home and put on slippers after a long day of hiking and driving through north Georgia.
On Sunday morning, we headed out to Amicalola Falls as soon as we ate our breakfast burritos (so good). We hiked the Eastern Trail up to the falls and then took the trails down the falls since Townes hated the grate stairs.

When we came home we made some amazing BBQ tofu + coleslaw sliders for lunch. Then we got settled down to watch the Falcons vs. 49ers. Sad loss for Atlanta unfortunately.
For dinner, we made veggie pot pie for the first time from scratch and it was so good!  We can't wait to make it again!
It was a perfect weekend trip with my boys and nice time to relax and reflect. 
Now we just need to find a way to be able to buy a small cabin in the mountains so we can recreate lazy weekends like this more often!
Where is your favorite place to escape for the weekend?

Happy Friday and happy 30th birthday to Victor! 
I can't wait to celebrate with cake and karoake tonight!



  1. that looks amazing! Jeremy talks a lot about buying a cabin in North Georgia... we should all go in on one together :)

  2. I love this, and love that it's a tradition you guys keep every year. The area looks beautiful, the cabin is gorgeous, the pot pie looks yumm!, your slippers are the cutest and you and Jason and Townes are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! If you're ever down south, our cabin weekends are epic :) This was actually our first one alone as a family.


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