Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beauty: Reality vs. Perception

It's so nice to be back in this space. 
I've been out due to a recent surgery (details to come) so now that I'm back at my normal pace, I wanted to share this awesome video. I was just reading an article a few weeks ago that focused on how women rarely acknowledge their own beauty (especially daunting when they never acknowledge it around their children). 

We all struggle to find the parts of ourselves that we like and it's rare that those things are celebrated. The surgery that I had was somewhat cosmetic (although it was impairing my vision so it was covered by insurance - thankfully), but interestingly enough, my husband was a bit weary before the surgery since he felt like the feature I was changing was part of my uniqueness and beauty (how did I get so lucky?). So it just goes to show that we are our own worst critics.

Check out more details around the above video here.

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