Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and happy May!
It's been a super long week and I've been constantly battling a virus since last Thursday (sore throat, drainage, coughing, and all that fun stuff). I may or may not sound like a smoker when I talk! :)
How awesome is this manifesto? I want to sign it and then make it happen. Maybe I need to print it out and post it somewhere that I'll see it every morning!

A lit of reason why hikers are some of the best people out there:
"Surround yourself with those who do not fear the unknown, but yearn to see it.
Surround yourself with those who care more about fulfilling their souls than they do about keeping up with the latest trends and drama."
I am fascinated by this article on the ethical implications of eating meat. The author has some pretty interesting thoughts on how being vegetarian isn't always the best solution to make a change.

This summer, there will be a 1000 foot water slide set up in downtown Decatur. This is seemingly a combination of amazing times and a lot of drunken accidents!

This t-shirt.

Isn't this video the cutest? I love this dog and his teddy bear!
Hopefully this weekend I'll get back to 100% health.
I have dinner plans with some close friends tomorrow and then my mom's belated birthday celebration on Sunday!

What are your weekend plans?
I hope they are great!

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