Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY [Cheap] Garden Stakes

Now that our raised gardens are thriving, we wanted to get some cohesive labels in the beds.

After scouring the internet, I found some amazing handmade garden stakes, but they were a bit out of my price range considering we needed over 20 stakes for our garden. After a trip to the craft store, I decided to go with popsicle sticks that look like chalkboards.

Items needed for this project:
- Popsicle sticks
- Black acrylic paint
- Paint brush
- Sharpie paint pen (white)
I painted the entire sticks with black paint (single coat) and then wrote the plant name on with the paint pen (I did 2 coats). 
I decided to use various fonts on the popsicle sticks to add more personality to the stakes. 
The whole project only took about 1 hour total (including the drying time) so it was perfect for a quick craft during a rainy day. I didn't put polyurethane on the garden stakes so I may have to go back and do that at some point (or just make new ones).
 We put the stakes in the garden this week and love the finished look. The stakes were simple to make and I love the simple flair they added to the vegetable beds.
Now we're just waiting on some fruits + veggies! With all this rain, it shouldn't be too long!

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