Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Palm Springs Before The Rings

I am back from a whirlwind weekend in Palm Springs and I had the best time! As soon as I landed, Lily was waiting on me and we immediately headed to In-N-Out! I had never been so I was so excited. Can we talk about how incredible the "animal-style" french fries are? Heaven!

We headed to Palm Springs and had a bit of traffic before Banning due to the insane wildfires along the side of the highway. After the traffic ceased, we headed into Palm Springs with the insane rocky mountains and windmills everywhere. After a brief stop for groceries, we arrived at the house! We immediately opened some chips + salsa and I made some sangria.
I had bought these colored wayfarers for the ladies to sport by the pool. I made tags that read "Palm Springs before the rings." I think they were a fun addition and that the girls liked them!
Can we talk about the amazing view from the backyard? We didn't want to leave!
Isn't Lily the cutest?
Once Liz, Lourika, and Ariana arrived, the party had officially started. 
We all explored the house (and it's complimentary terry cloth robes + vintage swimsuits) and then started dinner. We made amazing tacos + guacamole (California really has the best avocados). We drank the pitcher of sangria and just took it easy. 
The long drives + jet lag (for me) made for a quiet night of girl talk and maybe some "Golden Girls." Lily did open some gifts + Liz's cupcake shop made the most incredible cupcake arrangement in the shape of..well I'll let you use your imagination (unless you follow me on Instagram).

The next morning, we woke up super early to get as much pool time as possible. We had the most incredible breakfast (courtesy of the amazing Liz) of spinach + asparagus + gouda cheese omelets with avocado, roasted potatoes, and grapefruit mimosas! So yummy. Lily even celebrated by opening her first bottle of champagne!

We spent all day at the pool and had such a blast. We had all brought magazines and Liz made lemonade, mango, and gin popsicles! Can't forget the inflatable fallace!
We all took a small nap (well everyone except poor Lily) before getting up to make dinner + get ready for some dancing. Lourika made amazing mango + bean quesadillas (we obviously know how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo).

We all had a mini dance party + photo shoot before heading out to the Ace Hotel. 

 We took some photo booth shots at the Ace and danced for a while, before heading out to the Village Pub. 
The Village Pub was definitely a drastic change from the Ace. There was a line to get in and probably 10 different bachelorette parties, but it was great for people watching. The crowds got a bit much so we headed to Hunter's per the suggestion of the cutest local couple.
Hunter's was a blast and we danced so much! I think our favorite song of the night was this one:
The night ended with a small mishap involving Lily getting head-butted so we headed home right before last call + long cab rides so it worked out well. Liz made us nachos when we got home. The night was a success and so much fun!

The last morning, we came back to the Ace Hotel for brunch (due to long lines at Cheeky's) and it was perfect. The food at King's Highway was great and the diner was so cute. Perfect way to end our amazing weekend together.

I can't believe the wedding is in 5 weeks and I am so excited to get to spend more time with these lovely girls again so soon! There's even talks of making it an annual trip - yeah, it was that good. I'm so thankful to have Lily as one of my best friends in the world and I'm so happy to have made 3 new great friends (that are always welcome in Georgia)! 

P.S. I flew home on Sunday and Lily and I may have stopped for In-N-Out round 2. Oops!

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  1. I'm going to read this every day so I can relive it... especially that food... mmm tacos guacamole mango quesadilla grapefruit mimosas....


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