Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Road Trip Part 2: Sedona

After a solid night's sleep in Phoenix (and an amazing spicy buffalo "wing" breakfast burrito), we hit the road towards Sedona. 
Our first stop was at Montezuma Castle, one of the oldest cliff dwellings in the US (dating back to around 700 AD). It's a shame that by the time it was discovered, most of the artifacts had been looted and that people can no longer tour the rooms, but still a really cool experience!

Once we got to Sedona, we decided to do a small hike at the Bell Rock formation. This was our first experience at Sedona's energy vortexes. I can't say that I felt any different although I oddly felt like it was harder to breath!
After the hike, we headed to the Chapel of the Holy Cross to find some great views of the local red rocks. 
We also did a drive to find a good view of the Cathedral rock formation. I even busted out some yoga with a tree pose.
We ate a great lunch at The Field restaurant before heading out for our last hike of the day. We drove down Boyton Pass to Doe Mountain. The surroundings were beautiful, but we never would have imagined the views at the top of the mesa. It was also so magical, because we were the only ones around. We even stopped to make wish rock formation (we have made these all over the world - including Peru, Costa Rica, and Mexico).

Pretty magical, huh?

On our last day, we decided to do the Pink Jeep Broken Arrow tour. Despite being VERY touristy, we actually really enjoyed it. Driving on the rock formations and learning more about the area was really nice. It was also great to have some of the rock formations pointed out to us, because there were definitely some that we would have missed.
We ate at a local vegetarian restaurant, Chocolatree, before heading towards the Grand Canyon. 

Just a heads up, our favorite rock formation was Snoopy Rock. Oddly the best viewing point for Snoopy was from the Starbuck's patio by the Sedona Hyatt shopping area. #livelikelocals

Stay tuned for the Grand Canyon and Nevada recaps!


  1. The West looks good on you guys :)

  2. love this! the pictures are beautiful and you both look fantastic!

  3. I am so glad I decided to read your blogs on your road trip.... You have just solidified my desire to definitely visit Arizona and see the Grand Canyon. Larry has been out that way in years past and has mentioned taking me out there some day. I can now say the photos you have posted show the depiction of what he had described to me and what I could only imagine were not even close. The beauty is definitely one for me to see first hand for sure.


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