Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hey hey! 
And we're back to another Monday!
This weekend was a good mixture of down time and then social commitments (which is always nice).
Friday night, we made this awesome potato, carrot, and leek soup from Blue Apron. My best friend Kelly sent me a free week's subscription for 3 meals. The big box arrived on Thursday with 3 set recipes and all of the necessary ingredients. I'll be honest, 2 of the 3 meals weren't my favorite, but it was nice to try new recipes and get out of my comfort zone. This soup with a french baguette was by far the fan favorite. If you're looking to try new recipes or cook in more, I'd definitely recommend Blue Apron. Ironically, Kelly also made this exact same Blue Apron meal on Friday night too (great minds)!
We ended the night watching the movie "Unbroken" about Louis Zamperini. I enjoyed it, but it's always so hard to watch war movies and see the ways people dehumanize others during wartime...anyways, that's for another post! :)
On Friday night, when I was leaving the gym, a HUGE storm ripped through Decatur (it even hailed!) and caused a lot of damage. Our yard was all messed up and a few trees fell in the neighborhood. One road was totally blocked off (as seen above) and one tree broke part of the wooden path trail in our neighborhood!
After a long walk, Townes was exhausted and decided that this pavement was the best spot to lay down on in the park. Silly pup.
The rest of Saturday was spent doing yard work (thumbs up for home-ownership) and cleaning up around the house and then on Saturday night, I went shopping with a friend and got a few things at H&M and Express. I hadn't been to a mall like that in years (which is probably a good thing) but it was fun. 

On Sunday, my best friend from high school, Melanie, and her boyfriend, Ryan, came into town from Oakland, CA. Our dear friends Jen and Daniel also came out to lunch. We all went to Krog Street Market to grab some lunch. I finally tried the falafel laffa wrap (say that 3x fast :D) at Yalla. It was super tasty, but huge! It's definitely enough for 2 people.
After lunch, we headed to Ladybird for some drinks alone the Beltline before heading home. It was so nice to hang out with great friends (old and new) and catch up! If only Melanie and Ryan lived closer *wink wink*!

I can never get enough of this lady! She's only 45 minutes away, but it's too far too...
The ladies ♥ My heart was so full!

On Sunday night, we celebrated my sweet niece, Brittany's, 21st birthday! Man, makes me feel old! We celebrated at the restaurant where she works, Eclipse di Luna. They had great tapas and had a whole side of the menu dedicated to vegetarian tapas so that was greatly appreciated! Hopefully she had a great birthday since she was surrounded by so much love. Her smile and energy is so contagious! I'm so lucky to be her aunt (and that she lives closer to me now)! Love you, Brit!

The whole gang (minus Jackie, who was missed greatly)!
 Another ladies shot :)
 The birthday girl and me! ♥

Thumbs up to a solid weekend! Now back to the grind with rain slated on the forecast all week...
How was your weekend?

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