Saturday, November 13, 2010

to grid or not to grid

so j and i could really use your help!

since our windows are original from 1953 (i.e., single pane and cracked), we are thinking about replacing our windows to take advantage of the current tax incentive and are trying to determine if we should add grids to the upper windows. the grids look more intricate but they are also more expensive. the no grid look is most cost-effective but doesn't have the same curb appeal. we have been going back and forth for days now and can't quite decide, so hopefully this is where your thoughts can help us!

so below are some [very rough] ideas of each option.

option 1: no grids

option 2: grids (6 light grids)

please let us know which you'd suggest! we'll be forever grateful! thanks!


  1. That is a really tough call! I think if I had to choose, the grids would win out.

  2. Save a nickle & spend a silver dollar on some fancy curtains! I like the open view w/out grid. I think there are plenty of ways to invest in more curb appeal. Such as planting some trees or ornamental landscaping. My biggest infatuation with windows these days are ones that are double-hung, for when its raining or just too humid, those are nice...
    <3 Abbey

  3. Its all in what your personal tastes are girlie... Its actually a very close toss up for me if you do the grid then you will have a little old school character to your home (which is a nice touch), yet without them you don't have an obstructed view (some can see as being a little boring though). Windows are like eyes into the souls of our homes we see out and others see in but you can as Abbey says dress them up in many other ways that will give interest and show the beauty within. Good Luck with your decision girlie and I can't wait to find out what you chose (don't forget the pictures).

  4. Can they change the grid to look like diamonds? If not, I say go without. You can always add plantation shutters, blinds or fun curtains later. Love your place!-l kurban


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