Tuesday, November 30, 2010

water works

we've got this great path trail in our neighborhood that connects two local parks. the trail is only for recreation (bikers, walkers, skaters, etc.) and it goes through the woods and over railroad tracks and a river. off the beaten path of the trail is the old decatur water works that provided drinking water for all of decatur, ga. it was built in 1906 (the image above shows when the water works were in use) but was abandoned in 1940.

now the old water work structures are known as "the ruins" and are constantly evolving in their appearance due to street art/ graffiti. when we visit, there are always new artworks covering the old art (which is so unique to street art). i would love to make more of an attempt at documenting the evolution of the water work walls. it's always so nice to visit this random historical and colorful world in the middle of the woods.

these pictures were taken last december when my best friend was in town visiting (p.s. she'll be back visiting in 1 week and we're so excited!):

this picture was taken this past weekend while on a walk with my mom:

i really love the face on the right side of this picture!

do you have any local areas that you pass regularly with street art that is constantly changing? i hope so! it's really great inspiration ♥

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