Monday, November 8, 2010

back on track

back in april, j and i joined a boot camp in order to prepare for our trip to hike the incan trail in peru. the boot camp workout and meal plan made us feel great (despite the 5:00 AM wakeup 4 days a week). after we returned from peru, we kept putting off getting back into boot camp and then the nerves of being out of shape made it so hard to go back. it's crazy to think how great we would look and feel right now if we had just stuck with boot camp, but of course we went back to our old ways and lifestyle sadly.

after months of feeling out of shape, not fitting into clothes, and being slightly depressed, j and i have finally gotten back on track. in the past, weight watchers always worked for me; however, i didn't like that you could still be eating junk and empty calories and i was still always thinking about food (what i could eat and how many points i had left). the boot camp plan worked too since it was more about fueling your body and eating to help your muscles recover; however, it was very protein and fiber-based which is great if you're as active as boot camp requires. i felt that i would need something in between to help me maintain so i decided to try calorie count. it is a website that helps track your food log and activity and sets a goal for you based on your body type and activity level. so far it's been a week and i'm already down 3 pounds!

it's crazy that my suggested goal is actually 40 lbs lighter than where i am now! which i should reach by september of next year. fingers crossed!

i just really have to remember that being healthy and eating properly is a lifestyle. moreso, it's a lifestyle that i must maintain in order to be happy and peaceful. plus, as i get older, it will only get harder to lose weight and implement life changes.

more than even losing weight, i want to get back to where going on a 4 day trek doesn't intimidate me and i feel like anything is possible! plus, i have to get in shape before my best friend beth comes back from grad school and wants to go hiking! ♥

so here's to getting back on the right path and feeling on top of the world [again]!

do you have any struggles when it comes to dieting and stying active? if so, what are you doing or have you done to beat them?

happy monday! xo

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  1. At the beginning of second semester of my sophomore year of college, I weighed around 185 pounds and was feeling pretty self-conscious about my looks. I finally got off my ass and went to the gym. I got on a treadmill and ran/walked for a few miles. I felt so good about it, that I went the next day and the next and the next... I don't know what I would do without running now. I have run six half-marathons now and will be running one at Thanksgiving. Not only did running help, but I had to change my approach to food too. I never drink soda now. I still drink alcohol, but in moderation. I've changed so much that I feel guilty when eating fast food or even greasy fried foods at restaurants. I never followed a diet plan, but a general eating better theme. The portions need to be controlled too. Don't go back for seconds. You'll feel full in a little while. I could talk about this a lot more in person, so hopefully I will see you two soon!


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