Thursday, December 23, 2010

giving back

these days i can't help but feel so lucky: good health, stability, and love are so full around me. this time of year always reminds me just how lucky i am with a home to keep me warm, presents under the tree, and chances to brighten other peoples' days.

a few coworkers and i decided to adopt a family for the holidays - we actually decided on 2 different families. we worked together and were able to get lots of people from our company to help donate funds. with the money we raised, we were able to go shopping and buy some great gifts for these 2 families (7 people total) who may not have had a christmas this year. we ended up going through a nonprofit organization, families first, who was great to work with.

here is one of the piles of toys as we were delivering the gifts. my coworker was able to snap these few pictures - thanks jen!

i really hope that the families have a wonderful christmas and thanks to everyone who helped support this great cause! i can't wait to do it again next year. by the way, buying for all of the kids was so much fun! i wish we could see the kids' faces christmas morning!

how do you give back during the holidays? any annual charitable traditions that you share with your loved ones?

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