Tuesday, December 14, 2010

naughty or nice

j and i got our christmas tree the other weekend and i couldn't wait to get the house ready for the holidays. although i grew up with plastic, fake trees, j always had a real one. now that i've had a real tree, i could never go back to having a fake tree - the real ones smell so lovely! we always get douglas fir's because they smell better, but they are really getting hard to find! since fraiser fir's are the norm, we could only find a handful of places with the douglas fir's. we actually found ours at home depot and it is perfect!

even other patrons were telling us what a beautiful tree it was so that must say something!

we even put out the new lighted houses (one is a cute little pub) to add some more lights to the living room.

the house feels so cozy and with the snow flurries over the past 2 days, it made me not want to leave the house. being sick didn't help that either!

p.s. while sick, i managed to watch all of dexter season 5 in 2 days - yes, 12 hours in 2 days! it was awesome and this season was really good. if you've never gotten on the dexter bandwagon you are missing out my friends! check out michael c hall's appearance on jimmy fallon belowing singing a dexter version of "santa clause is coming to town" - so clever!

by the way, after the excitement of the final episodes last night and all things dexter, it was really hard to wake up and see this in the news!

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