Monday, December 20, 2010

local is the new black

i can't believe it's the week of christmas! only 5 days left! i am so excited to give my loved ones their gifts and for the days off!

speaking of days off, j and i took off last friday to head up to asheville, nc with his family. i planned the getaway for his birthday and then we brought his mom, dad, and sister as their christmas present. we all had a blast and lots of adventures (most surrounded getting my nissan versa hatchback up and down the dang icy mountain)! i have to upload my pictures so i can share them - this is when having an android or iphone would be ideal.

anyways, we spent one day walking around and shopping in downtown asheville and we saw these adorable signs in a lot of the store windows. i love the prints and wished i had gotten a tshirt - oh well! either way i'll post more about our trip but i can't wait to go back!

tonight i'm hosting a small cookie swap with some girlfriends. great friends, wine, and cookies - do you need anything else? have a wonderful [short] week! xo

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