Thursday, January 13, 2011

sorting the shed

a few weeks ago, you know when we weren't blanketed in snow, j and i were working in the yard (i.e., filling over 19 bags with fallen leaves) and we decided to clean out our shed. we had been putting this off for ages and it was getting increasingly difficult to locate necessary items.

here is a picture (bad BAD picture - it was surprisingly hot this day and my lens kept getting fogged up) of the shed before:

we took everything out, swept, and sprayed for bugs (not fun finding the infested bag of bird seed - cringe!):

we had so much uncessary junk in the shed - mostly paint cans that were very old or almost out. we also took this opportunity to make sure we wrote down all of the paint mixes for future use. by the way, we have a whole box of caulk which is insane. it will be good for the spring, when we have to caulk the whole outside of the house before we paint. fun!

here are some pictures (albeit blurry) of the final product! it is much easier to navigate and locate items in the shed now which is so nice. eventually we hope to get a larger shed to store more items so they aren't in our crawl space (yuck).

now i'm really ready fpr spring weather and spring cleaning! and i do really need to tackle my closets and drawers again...

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