Sunday, January 30, 2011

meet townes

i would love to introduce you all to the newest member of our family, townes! he's a beagle mix and we're so in love.

we met him last friday at dekalb county animal services. we actually went in with a different dog in mind, but then decided to meet the little guy even though he was not in the adoption area (aka not named, neutered, or checked for issues). we couldn't make up our minds so we decided to sleep on it, but first thing saturday morning bright and early we were there ready to take the little guy home. since townes wasn't ready to be adopted without being tested and fixed, we knew we wouldn't be able to take him home that same day and we could have just called them, but we went up there to spend time with him and play. here are some pictures of us spending time with townes and wishing he could understand that we'd be taking him home for good in a few days!

he's about 2 years old and had been in the pound for 4.5 months in a cage with 4 other dogs. he's the perfect size at about 35 pounds and he has the best temperment. he's energetic but also very laid back. he also already knew some basic obedience like sitting and laying! leaving him there on saturday was so hard since we knew we wouldn't be able to pick him up until monday!

we'd been waiting for years to rescue a dog and i really feel like we found the best one for us. townes is going to be so loved and taken care of! we have already fallen heads over heels.

we did get some bad news though on saturday. while at the vet getting neutered, townes tested positive for heartworm. the staff wanted to know if we'd still take him and of course we knew there was no turning back and we would do whatever it takes to get him better. it has really shaken us up, but we're going first thing tomorrow [monday] morning to pick him up and get him into a vet's office immediately. hopefully it's a low level case and he'll be back to being a fully healthy and happy dog in no time. we've decided that if it's worse case scenario, then however long he has left will be in a home with people who love him to pieces and treat him like a king. please keep your fingers crossed for our new little addition to our family ♥

p.s. if you're interested in rescuing a dog, please go to dekalb county animal control. they have over 300 dogs there that really need a loving, forever home. the staff there was so great to work with and were really helpful and patient. please always remember to rescue and adopt instead of going to breeders or pet stores.


  1. we get our dogs at the shelter too. dixie tested positive for heartworms too. im so happy you guys rescued a shelter dog. what a great life he will have!

  2. AHHHH He is adorable!!! I can't wait to meet him. Congratulations! Crossing my fingers for the little guy's health. Miss you!

  3. aww, I had a beagle when I was little. love them!


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