Thursday, February 3, 2011

wait and see

i really do promise to stop gushing over our new pup one of these days, but right now we are still in the honeymoon stage (ok well maybe that will never change but i'll find other things to write about)!

j put together this video of the day we adopted townes. these videos and pictures were taken that day even though he didn't get to come home with us.

Untitled from nicole stanaland on Vimeo.
music: "ski chalet" by futurebirds

we are having the best time ever. he's getting more and more comfortable ever day with us! i am taking off work tomorrow just to spend the day with the little guy. unfortunately it will be rainy and 38 degrees, but judging by the weather in other states right now i guess i'll take it as long as it's not snow.

we have a few puppy play dates planned this week/ weekend and we can not wait for townes to get to play with some other dogs (since i'm sure he's lonely considering he shared a cage with 4 other dogs for over 4 months) and we get to see our lovely friends. good times and lots of love! ♥


  1. he is super cute! did you get to take him home yet? good luck with the adjustment period...that makes total sense to take time off work to spend time with him..the more work you put in now to make him feel comfortable right away, the better it will be for all of you longterm.

  2. hey julia! thank you so much! we got to bring him home monday and he's adjusting so well! we were lucky enough to not have to leave him this first week except for like 20 minutes (we're such suckers for him)! he's not had any accidents and he behaves so well, but unfortunately due to his heartworms he'll have to be inactive for 2 whole months while getting treated. we're so bummed for the little guy but it's a necessary evil! hope you have a great weekend!


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