Monday, February 14, 2011

best kind of love

after a laid back weekend with my boys, i went to work today missing our backyard and the time spent laying around in the sun in our hammock.

at lunch time, i decided to go home to let townes out to go to the bathroom since he wouldn't do this morning and i was worried about him*. when i got home, my j was there with flowers and we had lunch together outside while out little man soaked in the sunshine. i wish all lunches could be so sweet.

we don't have any set plans for valentine's day since we usually don't put as much emphasis into it since we show eachother love every day, but i'll tell you that this short, but oh so sweet lunch date was all i needed. maybe tonight we'll grill out and enjoy more of this nice weather (way to go february)!

happy valentine's day j. i love you to pieces every single day. ♥

*our new pup had his first round of heartworm treatment last week and we've now been having to give him antibiotics and pain medicine every 12 hours. the worst part about this whole thing is he has to go back in 30 days for a double dose of treatment and a whole other month of complete inactivity (a total of 2 months). so far, keeping townes inactive for almost 4 days has been a nightmare. all the little guy wants to do is play and all we want to do is take him to the dog park. sighs. here he is with his little shaved patch where they had to give him the injection.

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