Friday, February 4, 2011

welcome to miami

so this weekend through the middle of next week, i'll be in miami for a work conference. it's kind of cool because i'm staying at the eden roc, but not really since it's meetings all day followed by late nights.

oh, and we'll be seeing a private concert by foreigner. ha!

too bad i'll just be wanting to be home with my j and my little buddy. townes goes in next wednesday for his bloodwork and xrays and then starts his first heartworm treatment on thursday. we found out today for sure that we'll have to keep townes completely inactive for TWO whole months while the worms break up inside his body. i keep reminding myself that although it will suck, he'll have a long life of playtime as long as he gets better properly.

we gave townes his first bath tonight and he was so good. i'm sure he'll prove us wrong with something eventually, but damn this dog is perfect in every way. lucky ♥

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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