Tuesday, February 22, 2011

weekend recap

shortly after j and i started dating, he moved an hour away to work for the summer, so every weekend we could spend every second together and then first thing monday morning, once he got to his office, i would get a weekend recap. these were the best and always made me smile. those weekend recaps were a way for me to remember the wonderful things all over again and again.

here's this past weekend's recap:

breakfast for dinner. dropping plates and mini meltdowns. girl scout cookies and pistachios. laying in the grass. fox bros bbq. toy baskets are meant to be emptied. bath time with townes. takeout with the folks. scary drive home for dad and worried faces. scrambled tofu and vegan pancakes. the social network. highly anticipated provino's dinner. happy 82nd birthday papa. fedoras and animal blankets. doggie dates via skype. townes is a bed crasher.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend ♥

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