Friday, February 25, 2011

barn light electric

in our kitchen, we have a very outdated ikea fixture that should have been replaced when we replaced 99% of the other fixtures in our house within the first month of living there. the current fixture collects bugs (yuck) and looks horrible. the one saving grace is that it covers a larger amount of the ceiling that needs to be fixed a bit (i.e., spackled). i've been looking at some light fixtures to replace in the kitchen and some of these fixtures from barn light electric are making my heart skip a beat!

i love how most of their awesome fixtures and the vintage pieces even come in various different colors and they sell the edison bulb to compliment the look of their fixtures.

i think it might be time for a kitchen revamp!

happy friday! j and i are having his extended family over tonight to meet our little pup and then dinner at athen's pizza - yumm! no solid plans for the rest of the weekend except spend some time outdoors and maybe work on the house a bit. tgif!

p.s. happy happy birthday to one of my best friends in the universe. she is spending the weekend with her fiance and her new pup and i want to send nothing but magically happy vibes her way. i love you sash! ♥

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