Wednesday, January 26, 2011


this image has been the stuff that my daydreams are filled with these days. every day while sitting in an office, where i can't see the outside, makes me want to just go far away - anywhere but here. granted i have a great job with great coworkers and i love our home and life here, but we love to travel and i feel like there's so much more to see and do with our days.

j and i always talk about our future - where we see ourselves living, traveling, and what we would love to be doing. sadly we are nearing our 30's and still don't really have an idea of what those things are just yet. is that normal? will the unrest of the unknown ever go away?

i do truly believe that being happy starts within yourself and that the perfect job, spouse, or city won't make your life suddenly better forever, but at least wherever we end up (even if we stay in our current house always) i'll know i'll always have my j with me ready to explore and inspire me to find my way.

p.s. i may have some big news in the next few days. stay tuned!

[p.p.s. if you love hot air balloons, see this post]


  1. What a gorgeous, inspiration image.

    I know how you feel and I think we all have these moments from time to time - I know I certainly do. Hoping you find some internal inspiration soon!

  2. (grrr... 'gorgeous, inspirationAL')



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