Tuesday, May 10, 2011

happy anniversary

so i've been totally MIA. i got into a bad series (as in more than one) of car accidents and then have found myself unmotivated and uninspired lately. it's kind of crazy that as soon as i start feeling uninspired, this blog is the first thing i let go when this is a space that brings and channels so much joy and creativity. irony at its best.

i'm going to get back into the groove and it's even better since today is the perfect day to start back. today is j + my 6 year anniversary from the day we first kissed and our fates were sealed. j brings me so much inspiration and always pushes me to better myself. he makes me laugh and is the sweetest with our new pup (adorable)! we have been through so much together and knowing that j always has my side and is forever my teammate leaves me with a smile that can't be broken. despite all we've done and seen together, i can't wait to see and do all of the things we haven't experienced yet! bill hicks says "life is just a ride," but thanks to j, it's been a damn good ride so far! happy anniversary babe!

[photo via the smilebooth at a+t's beautiful wedding]

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