Monday, May 16, 2011

windmills and popsicles

this weekend we spent lots of time in the perfect weather (high 60's, low 70's with a breeze) in our backyard. all meals were eaten on the deck and lots of time spent in the hammock (duh). we put together the awesome windmill that j got me for our anniversary. we have it on the deck until we find a better spot in the yard but i love it!

townes also enjoyed his morning, after breakfast, and in between naps cigarette breaks. ok so it's rawhide but he always holds it in his mouth like a cigarette and it makes us laugh every time!

he also LOVES popsicles! sharing is caring, right?

after i got home from the bridal shower of a good friend (congrats chanel) last night, we enjoyed sitting in the backyard by the fire pit! the weather we perfect and we could have stayed out there all night.

this weekend was perfect for relaxing and feeling centered again. i'd been feeling very tired and needing a break from it all (or just work really). for our anniversary, j and i wanted to schedule a mini vacation anywhere (preferrably a beach). we procrastinated and all of the sudden that affordable trip to folly beach by charleston, sc was out of reach (and pocket). we also wanted to be able to take townes with us since he's part of our family and we wanted him to be able to enjoy a getaway too! we finally found an awesome condo in amelia island on fernandina beach (which is one of the few beaches that allows dogs year round)! the condo has 2 rooms and a rooftop deck! i can't wait for a beach getaway with my boys!

p.s. i just got an iPhone (white) after having the same old beat up samsung flip phone for the past 6 years! expect many more picture posts! YAY!

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