Thursday, May 12, 2011

strokes of bad luck

so it's been almost 2 months and i feel like i can finally share more about my vehicular mishaps this past march. i'm still pretty shaken up about it all and hate that i live in a city with lots of traffic and where i'm forced to drive daily.

it was a thursday afternoon and i left work during my lunch break to meet with our tax guy. it was a good meeting and i was looking forward to being done with my taxes and getting a check back in a few weeks. as i pulled out of the parking lot, i merged into traffic and then a girl got over in my lane on top of my car. i don't have a picture readily available but basically the front passenger side of my car was pretty beat up (cracked the headlights and bent in the area above the tire but thankfully it was still driveable). we pulled over and i started to call the cops when the girl told me she was in a big rush and couldn't wait for the cops but we exchanged information. normally i wouldn't have done this but i let her go (to my dad's dismay). i called allstate and filed the claim and gave them her information (which was thankfully valid) and called it a day. they arranged for me to meet with the allstate adjuster that next morning.

i woke up the next morning and all was well. it was friday and i got to sleep in a bit since i couldn't meet with the adjuster until 9 AM. i was taking my sweet time, dragged the trash to the curb, set the GPS just to be safe, and as i backed out of the driveway, a truck came speeding around our corner and nailed my car. i didn't see it coming at all and my car excelerated into our bushes on the side the yard. i was hysterical. our neighbor ran out because i literally was collapsed by our mailbox because i was so upset. thankfully non one was hurt and j was able to get home in less than 5 minutes to help deal with the situation and calm me down. the side airbags deployed and i instantly started to see huge bruises forming on my thighs from the impact. i got the ticket since i was the one backing up although i wish i had been calm enough to fight it since my car was in drive (hence why i ended up in the bushes in front of me when i stepped off the gas). the guy who hit me said he was having bad luck since this was his second accident in 2 weeks, but i told him that i had him beat at 2 accidents in less than 24 hours.

we had the car towed to my dad's nissan dealership and he told me the car was totaled and that i was lucky to not be hurt and that no one was in the car with me since the passenger seats were crushed.

i ended up getting another versa. all of our tax return and more went to buying the new versa and of course i had just paid off my other one. the only thing the additional money got me was a newer versa, in grey, with cruise control and less miles. unfortunately i can't say the new car made me excited (again, to my dad's dismay) but i'm just hoping my stroke of bad luck is now behind me.

the ironic part is that the very next day, i had a baby shower for a coworker and some of my friends/ coworkers decided to carpool. when we were dropping off one friend, the friend driving backed into a car parked behind the driveway. i immediately felt somehow responsible as the black cloud of car accidents. 3 accidents in 3 days has to be a record, right?

thankfully no one was hurt, i can finally change lanes without wincing, and life will go on.


  1. Damn! Sorry to hear about all of the accidents. I'm glad you're OK. At least you're through it now, since bad things happen in 3's.

  2. sorry to hear about this. good thing you were able to get a new car so quickly!


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