Friday, March 2, 2012

the crazy ones

this is one of my absolute favorite prints right now. i originally saw it (for lots of $) and then lucked out and found it for cheaper on ebay and got it for j for valentine's day. we've been dragging our feet in getting it hung up in our house (along with a bunch of other prints actually) but this it needs to happen soon. it is so inspiring and i feel like it truly suits my j. in him, i always have seen genius.

i'm so happy that the weekend is here. we had a very busy and slightly off week. i had a really bad day that consisted of me missing a major car accident by 3 seconds due to some jerk running a red light (after last may i mentally cannot handle another accident). then i almost fell face first in a parking lot and ended up pulling a muscle and i'm not even sure how that happens! then to top it off, i made a wrong turn and ended up on a highway on ramp that was a HOV lane and got a ticket. it was a true mistake and i think the cop knew it, but since they had 3 cops and someone else pulled over, they couldn't make an exception for me and i understood completely. then

we lost our power yesterday for 12 hours and lighting must have hit because j's macbook is totally fried (thankfully none of our other electronics are ruined) and then his glasses broke and we won't have time to get new ones before our trip.

moral of these stories, it is time for vacation! thankfully, we are prepared and getting ready for ours. it can't come soon enough! the radiohead show was a nice start to better things. this is our third time seeing them in about 8 years and every time their lights and electronics get better. their set was incredible and so moving (and i'm loving thom yorke with long hair). we had general admission to the floor so we were pretty close, but we were also surrounded by d*bags. it's a give and take i suppose!

i'm about to go pick up natalie and then we'll spend the evening getting japanese and mani/pedi's. girls' night! have a great weekend y'all! xo

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