Tuesday, February 21, 2012

you are my sunshine

i know this is a week late but unfortunately i had to be out of town this valentine's day. the good news is that j and i never celebrate on the actual holiday. this is primarily due to the fact that i hate crowds (especially packed parking lots). since i was going to be in miami, j and i decided to celebrate vday the saturday night before and it was perfect!

we ate dinner at soul vegetarian (swoon) and then exchanged presents. i got j some vanilla woodsmoke soap, some new levi skinny khaki's, and this crazy one's quote print. j got me the new storycorps book, an amazing morse code necklace that i'd seen so many times but never realized how much i loved it until i saw it in person (so simple and timeless), some love plant seeds, and he wrote me a beautiful poem/ card that tied into the morse code theme. i am such a lucky lady!

hope your valentine's day was wonderful! ♥


  1. ahh I've seen that morse code necklace so many times and wondered how it was in real life! Maybe I should drop some hints for Jeremy...

    1. you should! it's very simple and so it's perfect!


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