Monday, February 20, 2012

the first couple too happy to feel sad

now that i am just starting to feel "normal" again after a long week away for work, i wanted to fill you in on some things that happened this past week. i flew to miami for a work conference and although it was very exhausting, it was wonderful. we had an insanely awesome keynote speaker. we had one event at the collins club that has a 1920's feel and incredible big band played. too bad i wanted to dance (since j and i learned how to swing dance last year) and no one was really dancing; however, i made up for it the next night when i played kinect dance central for hours at this one event - most people were watching blake shelton and miranda lambert (oops)! i even beat the guys from microsoft! it was worth not being able to walk properly for 2 days (talk about a workout)! now i want to buy an xbox kinect but i think our 1950's house would fall apart with that much dancing and jumping.

i even managed to do some sort of workout every day and ate well (when possible of course - conventions always have the WORST vegetarian options, as in NONE). so by eating well, i mean i fasted against my choice (just kidding, kind of). on the last day, we at least had some time to sit by the pool and eat some sushi and greens (oh how i'd missed you)! the best part though, is always coming home.

this weekend, i needed to recover so we watched "beginners" and loved it! we went on long walks and i took a pilates class for the first time (my abs are so sore) and went to zumba. we even got massages after redeeming an awesome groupon deal. we had our dearest friends over for brunch on sunday; however, the weather and exhaustion made me poor company (sorry)!

hopefully this weekend will be filled with lots more energy on my part and lots of cuddle time with my boys. happy monday!

p.s. can't wait for costa rica! eeeeeek! ♥


  1. I'm glad you're back and blogging again! I miss you!

    1. you are my biggest fan which makes sense because i'm your biggest fan. i love you to the moon and back! xo


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