Friday, February 3, 2012

first world problems!

it's been a very busy week and i'm so glad that it's friday! i am looking forward to hanging out with my boys. i went to the gym monday, tuesday, and wednesday and now i'm on a mini break (walking the dog doesn't count) until tomorrow morning (hello zumba!) since i pulled something in my lower back. i think it's a sign that i need to slow down or do more restorative exercises (thanks for the advise bestie ♥).

we've got a dinner date tomorrow night with one of our favorite couples and then some familial obligations on sunday. hopefully we'll be able to watch some of the super bowl and maybe visit with some friends.

by the way, i've got an appointment next week to get bangs and i'm trying to decide if it's the right idea. so opinions?


no bangs:
thanks guys and have an awesome weekend! xo

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