Thursday, February 23, 2012

perfect daypack

with our trip to costa rica right around the corner (!!!), i feel like this daypack from baggu would be perfect for our vacation. the daypack is lightweight, nylon, and folds into its own pocket (perfect for stowing away and bringing home extra goodies in). i am such a fan of baggu (see here) and have yet to buy anything (fail on my part).
obviously i'm super in to stripes right now! i can't decide if these are androgynous enough that j could wear it too. either way, i think this is a must for our trip and can't wait for all of our upcoming central america adventures!

p.s. yesterday, while driving home from work, i heard this song and at the end of the song, there are birds chirping and i just kept wanting to close my eyes (i know this is not good when driving) and i was picturing myself in a hammock in the rain forest. this means it's time for vacation!

xo - enjoy!


  1. I have a baggu tote bag! Definitely good for grocery shopping. AND I am so into stripes. I think we are living parallel lives across the country. Jeremy and I are heading to San Diego to see Meme for her birthday today. I can't wait to see her!

    1. i think we are definitely doppelgangers on opposite coasts. how old is meme now? she is the cutest thing ever! xo


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