Wednesday, January 18, 2012

currently seeking: vacation tips for costa rica

we just booked a trip to costa rica last night! we haven't really had a chance to take a vacation for longer than a weekend in the past year so on a whim we decided to book a trip to costa rica for some r&r and adventure! we'll be going in march and we absolutely can't wait! one of my best friends just recently went to costa rica so she gave me some great tips (thanks sasha! xo), but we're still solidifying our plans so we can book the hotels. as of right now, we know we want to see the arenal volcano and the monteverde cloud forest, but we're trying to figure out our next plan. we're thinking of montezuma on the nicoya peninsula but with a car rental, we're trying to figure out logistics.

have you ever been to costa rica? do you have any "must do's" that you would urge us towards? we would appreciate all of the help we can get! i'm so excited that we now have this to look forward to - we needed something to be excited about! ♥

do you have any upcoming adventures planned? i'd love to hear!

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