Tuesday, January 31, 2012

who rescued who?

happy birthday townes! although we don't know townes's actual birthday, today marks exactly 1 year since we picked him up from the pound! the vet told us he was between 1-2 years in age so we just are saying that he is now 3! he's been such an incredible addition to our little family and he is a dream come true.

we can't imagine a day without him and his sweet face. he has the cutest yawns and he is always so gentle and affectionate. even though we do a great job at celebrating him every day, i can't wait to make today extra special!



  1. Awww today is Townsey's birthday! I can't imagine what we would all do on the weekends without him! Rub his sweet spot and give him a big kiss from his aunt xoleh!

    1. He misses his aunt xoleh and the company she keeps (d and mac)! xo


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