Thursday, January 12, 2012

exercise and lay off the fries

along with everyone in the mega-sphere, i am trying to get healthy in 2012. i don't know what caused my complete apathy (worst trait ever) regarding my appearence and weight this year, but now i'm working on kicking my butt into gear.

although i am working on my meals and nutrition (notice i am avoid using the word diet?), my biggest need has been getting my body moving again. besides trying to walk townes more (win-win) frequently and for longer distances, j and i have been doing the couch to 5K program via the iphone app. so far we're really enjoying it and i can't wait to sign up for a local 5K!

i am also an active YMCA member again (to my dismay i was still paying for my membership the whole time i was inactive physically)! i can't wait to start strength training again and in the meantime i've been going back to my favorite classes (hello, cardio hip hop and nia)!

this morning i was reading an article about 27 rules to help conquer the gym and below are some of my favorite rules:

1. A gym is not designed to make you feel instantly better about yourself. If a gym wanted to make you feel instantly better about yourself, it would be a bar.

11. Gyms have two types of members: Members who wipe down the machines after using them, and the worst people in the universe.

15. If you're motivated to buy an expensive home exercise machine, consider a "wooden coat rack." It costs $40, uses no electricity and does the exact same thing.

20. If you need to bring your children, just let them loose in the silent meditation class. Nobody minds, and kids love candles.

26. A successful gym membership is like a marriage: If it's good, you show up committed and ready for hard work. If it's not good, you show up in sweatpants and watch a lot of bad TV.

27. There is no secret. Exercise and lay off the fries. The end.

hopefully these rules made you laugh since you know that laughing can help burn calories!

do you have any tips on working out at a gym? what steps are you taking to get more physical in 2012?


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