Monday, January 30, 2012

when something negative is positive

here are some pictures from this weekend. friday we got to celebrate that townes is officially heartworm negative! this is a huge victory in our household after all the pain our little buddy had to go through to get here (read more here and here). we took him to the park to chase balls and play afterwards. we always hoped this day would come and it's a huge relief! now townes can live a long and healthy life! make sure to prevent heartworms for your pups with heartguard medicine. ♥

saturday was by far my favorite day. i started the day off with zumba class and my bestie! came home and had some kashi blueberry waffles with peanut butter and banana. then i took townes on a very long walk. then i basically spent the rest of the day in awe of the amazing sunshine while in our hammock. j and i made smoothies and relaxed. i surprised me with the sweetest "just because" gift - i am truly lucky! we ended the night with the movie 50/50 - we loved it!

sunday, we made breakfast and then went to snow mountain. it was fun but due to the crowds, we only got to ride 3 times which is insane considering how pricey it is. at least we went ahead and bought our annual stone mountain pass so we can come back with townes and hike again.

the weather is supposed to be beautiful this week! i'm looking forward to being outside as much as possible. it's also a big birthday for someone special this week - i can't wait to celebrate!

"the good life, as i conceive it, is a happy life. i do not mean that if you are good you will be happy; i mean that if you are happy you will be good" - bertrand russell


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