Thursday, January 5, 2012

daydreaming about kayaks

although summer is long gone, i am feeling regretful for not making a few kayak trips while it was beautiful outside (we went tubing but that's not the same). i love kayaking and it's always so peaceful and refreshing. i'm lucky that j and my best friend both love it so we usually try to go at least twice a summer. we may have missed out last season but next summer we'll be all ready!

j and i had some REI dividend money leftover from 2010 when we traveled to Peru, so we decided to purchase a sea summit dry bag. they are perfect for keeping your necessary items dry while out on the water. it would make a great gift for any water lovers in your life. now we just can't wait to use our dry bag on our next adventure! this would also come in handy for sailing (wink wink husband).

[available atREI]

although our kayak trips on the chattahoochee river do not offer views like these, it doesn't makes our trips any less wonderful. i'm always up for a vacation to go kayaking in these beautiful spots though!

kayak photo 1,2,3, and 4.

what outdoor activites are you missing now that it's cold outside?

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  1. You should come to Santa's 75 and sunny right now!


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