Friday, January 27, 2012

"love one another"

happy soon-to-be weekend! we've got townes's first annual vet appointment today (i can't believe that on tuesday, we will have had him for a year)! this blood work today will confirm whether or not he is now officially heartworm-free so please send us some good energy and cross those fingers!

i'm excited about a workout date (zumba!) with my best friend on saturday morning followed hopefully by some hot tub and sauna time! after hiking at stone mountain a few weeks ago, i rolled my ankle pretty badly and it's still hurting so hopefully it'll not hurt too much during class. sunday we're going to snow mountain to play in the snow and tube down the hill to celebrate my SIL's birthday. should be a fun time.

by the way, this weekend i'm going to celebrate a big victory! i have lost 10 pounds! i've been working out (and loving it) and eating foods that make my body strong and i couldn't be happier. the most exciting part is that by celebrating, i actually just want to do more of what i've been doing. no desire for bad foods to celebrate so that must be a good sign, right? i may have bad days and not always feel this way, but for now i am embracing it! i still have a ways to go but i am on the right track.

i hope your weekend is adventure-filled with some quiet time in between! xo

p.s. the title quote is by george harrison. i find it so moving that those were his last words before he died. rip ♥

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