Monday, January 23, 2012

rivers and roads

happy monday! mondays are always hard so i wanted to share this incredible video that is making my morning. man! at time 3:42 the energy is incredible. i was stomping my feet in my cubicle (oops) and wishing i could sing out loud!

pretty incredible setting, eh? i want to go to there!

this weekend was wonderful. we spent time with family on friday night. saturday i woke up early and went to zumba (so fun!) and then we spent some family time in bed while it down poured. i got to be there when some of my very dear friends found out they were having a little baby boy (eek so excited for them)! the rest of saturday, we looked into planning some trips for this year and just laid low. sunday, i went to nia dance class and then we went on a long walk with our lovely friends despite the misty weather. we ended the night at raging burrito for some yummy mexican food!

it should be a long, but great week and hopefully the rain will start to subside!

how was your weekend? you take advantage of staying inside and out of the rain?

watch more video from this incredible musical session here!

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