Thursday, January 19, 2012

reflections on the past for the future

is it just me or are your 20's a really bizarre period of your life? i turned 27 last year and i feel like i'm just now starting to embrace myself; however, i feel so far from having anything figured out. growing up, you know what is expected - graduate high school, move away, go to college, graduate, and then find a job. this "find a job" time is when everything just gets real fuzzy.

i went to college and studied psychology; however, i never went back to school for it so instead i've been at the same company since i graduated. is it my dream job or what i feel compelled to do? not at all. does it pay the bills, allow me to enjoy my life outside of work, and not feel trapped in a horrible job? yes, well most days at least. do i see myself doing this forever? lord, i hope not.

i've been married to a wonderful man for 2 years and with him for almost 7 years. we're not ready for kids yet. we own a house, but we aren't wanting to stay in georgia forever. we want an adventure, but don't want to lose everything. we are happy (so happy with each other and townes) but we live with fears.

it seems like everyone i know in their 20's is doing something different: traveling the world, working in a bar, freelancing, having tons of kids, moving all over the country, playing in a band, getting divorced, finishing school, living with their parents, or toeing the line. there is no standard - which i love - but i feel like it leaves this constant unsettling feeling. to help cope with this feeling, i always remember the advice given to me by almost all of the wonderful older women in my life: never wait for the right time to do something, because there will never be a right time. this gives me comfort in knowing that there's no need to rush and worry, because things that will be, will be.

lately i've read 2 wonderful "things i'd tell my 20-year old self" articles and i found them wildly fascinating and inspiring. i know most people do whatever they can to stop the aging process, but these words allow me to embrace growing older. now i just have to remember to slow down and reflect on these items now, while i am still young.

this advice made my week. it also made me want to be a better person every day, remember to laugh and that "useless days will add up to something." this article is a MUST read, i promise.

this letter from a mother to her daughter is very simple, but wise. i love the mother's advice on taking care of your body and to stop worrying (we could all use more of this at any age).


what is some of the best advice you've received?

here's to growing older, but always being young at heart! xo

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  1. Ugh. Just followed your link to the Dear Sugar beautiful. I wish I'd read this years ago, but I'm happy I read it now. Thanks for sharing!


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