Monday, January 16, 2012

bits of my weekend

this weekend was wonderful! the weather was really nice and i enjoyed every second of it. on friday night, we had some close friends over for dinner - i made eggplant parmigiana, capellini pasta, and salad (yum)! townes got to hang with his best friend mac too so he was thrilled! we hung out by the fire pit in the backyard for a bit and then decided to go bowling. we ended up playing 2 frames but by the second frame, you could see everyone slowing down (we must be getting old)!

saturday, j and i woke up, made breakfast, and then cleaned the house. we took townes on a really nice long walk through decatur and we drooled over so many of the homes. when we got back, we ate lunch and then i went to zumba! i absolutely love zumba and need to make this class a habit on saturdays, because it leaves me feeling so great, exhausted, and feminine! we took townes to the dog park and then just relaxed and spent alone time outside cuddled up by the fire. we ordered in sushi and i read my new D*S book. we ended our fabulously peaceful day with the movie "primal fear" (it had been ages since we'd last seen it but man - edward norton is so good/ creepy in it)!
yesterday, we went to stone mountain park and hiked the full cherokee trail (5-6 miles) with townes. we live only about 10 minutes from stone mountain yet it never is top of mind when we go hiking; however, that has now changed. we LOVED the hike - so many different views and settings and there are very versatile landscapes to walk on. we brought some snacks for us and townes and it was a really refreshing day!

despite my better judgement, i wore my asics instead of my hiking boots and a few times while walking at stone mountain, i kept rolling my right foot (2 of the times it was really bad and painful) on stumps and roots. on our way home i noticed it was hurting but figured it would pass. we ended the night at provino's italian restaurant with all of j's family on his dad's side and by the time dinner was over, i was in so much pain that j had to basically carry me out of the restaurant (crowded restaurant at that). i had to end the weekend with my foot on ice and elevated but it gave me a good excuse to watch the golden globes!

my foot is still in pain but hopefully it'll be better by tomorrow so i can make it to the gym.

hope you had a wonderful weekend! xo

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